The Short Course In Make-up Artistry has been exclusively designed by Vir Shete to give individuals interested in learning and/or pursuing make-up a full-fledged, comprehensive and in-depth proficiency in the diverse realms of the subject; covering all aspects of make-up. Individuals are extensively geared up from scratch, improving and enhancing any existing skills, and enabling them to apply the same either personally or professionally thereafter with confidence; while developing a distinct and directional identity and style.


Study Level
Short course (beginners / intermediate) – ideal for those with no previous make-up experience or those that wish to enhance existing skills to kick-start their career.
Personal, for personal use, or Professional, for professional industry practice.
Course Length
5-7 days (in accordance with chosen pathway – extensions available on request).
Currently open.
Application Route
Directly at
On request.
On confirmation (as per mutual convenience).


The course extensively explores the creative and theoretical dimensions of make-up artistry, and is divided into two primary components – Practical Studies and Technical Studies. Majority of each session will be based on practical work but you will be required to understand theory and engage in note-taking, further reading and self-directed study. More extensive modules such as ‘Eyes, lashes and brows’ will be given greater emphasis and time in order to enable you to master the art. The Practical Studies will involve you working on a model and your performance will be assessed every session via thoughtfully designed projects, with a holistic assessment at the end of the course before receiving your final grade and recommendation.


Previous alumni of the Professional Pathway have gone on to establish successful careers in make-up, both within India and internationally; assisting leading names in the industry as well as securing positions with renowned brands, agencies and fashion weeks.


*All products and materials will be provided on the course. However, you may wish to integrate your own kit into each module.

Day #1 – Introduction to colour, skin and base

  • The colour wheel
  • Facial features
  • Skin types
  • Skin care and hygiene
  • Moisturizing, hydration and priming
  • Undertones
  • Corrective colour theory
  • Correcting and concealing
  • Foundation – types with respect to texture, coverage and finish; application
  • Baking
  • Setting of the base

Day #2 – Enhancement of features

  • Face shapes and structures
  • The art of contouring and highlighting in theory and practice
  • Bronzing
  • Blusher – types and application
  • Body bronzing, contouring and highlighting

Day #3 & #4 – Eyes, lashes & brows

  • Eye shapes and structures
  • Product sensitivity
  • Priming
  • Eye shadow types – powders, pigments, creams, paints, gels etc.
  • Eye shadow application – patting, smudging, blending etc.
  • Eye liner and kohl – types and application
  • Day make-up, day to night make-up, evening make-up, smokey eyes, party/event make-up etc.
  • Eye contouring, lifting and enlargement
  • Mascara – priming and application
  • False eye lashes
  • Eye brows – shapes and influences
  • Tweezing, filling, shading and fixing

Day #5 – Lips

  • Priming
  • Product types with respect to texture, coverage and finish
  • Product application
  • Lip enlargement and contouring

The Finale

  • Essential tools and materials
  • Product recommendation
  • Brush and kit maintenance
  • Final assessment and recommendation

Extended module (Professional Pathway)

  • Understanding products and equipment
  • Natural beauty make-up
  • Bridal make-up
  • The role of a professional make-up artist
  • Make-up in relation to beauty, fashion and runway trends
  • Make-up in relation to fashion and runway
  • Make-up in relation to editorial and advertising
  • Make-up in relation to film and TV
  • Make-up in relation to hair and fashion styling
  • Innovation, identity, POV and USP
  • The industry as a whole and its various genres
  • Getting started – what’s next, finding your way and finding your place
  • Building your portfolio – research, design, development, production, presentation and promotion
  • Marketing strategies and initiatives
  • Networking and team-working
  • Customer satisfaction

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